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Category: Projects

Cleanup Set for April 13

March 8th

Our Annual cleanup in Rock Creek Park is scheduled for Saturday, April 13. Once again, it will be at the Kensington Parkway bridge over Rock Creek. Due to the heavy rains, there is plenty of trash! The cleanup is part of the “Exxtreme Cleanup” sponsored by the Rock Creek Conservancy, the Alice Ferguson Foundation, and Montgomery County Parks. Contact Kevin for details.

Dictionary Project 2009

June 28th

More than 800 third-grade students from 12 North Bethesda-area schools took home free dictionaries this year thanks to efforts by the Rotary Club’s Dictionary Project.     [fancy_link color=”black” link=””]Read More[/fancy_link]

Sri Lanka Project

June 27th

The support for Sri Lanka is proposed to be a major fund-raising effort contributions by the club memberships.

The information and the report of the Colombo West Housing Projects for the Tsunami victims

Village Development Project, 2008-2009

June 26th

On 1st Nov 2008, Community Service Director Rohina and I visited Gemunupura. The purpose of the visit was to make plans (a) to improve existing facilities in a pre-school (b) to provide a playground to residents of Gemunupura and nearby villages and (c) to upgrade the community centre. The AGA/Bentota, pre-school teacher and RCC chairman undertook to submit the plans and estimates shortly. We have already obtained money from Bermuda Help Sri Lanka Fund recently for the purpose.

The pre-school is attended by approximately 80 kids aged between 3 and 5 years. It is managed by a very dedicated teacher and already basic recreational facilities have been provided. The adjoining land was also offered for development of a play-ground. This is an ideal location for the residents of Gemunupura and others living in the area.

In the meeting held afterwards at Gemunupura Community centre, attended also by AGA, Benthota and his technical officer, it was noted that, apart from 7 residents directly affected by the Tsunami 12-26, other occupants are still waiting to receive their legal right for the houses they occupy. AGA agreed to take immediate action to resolve the matter.

Gemunupura residents now have a pipe-borne water supply, which includes a well, pump and overhead tank.

The costs of operation is shared by the residents. A drainage system is being constructed to prevent flooding.

Rotary Village, Habaraduwa

We visited Habaraduwa in the same afternoon. RCCW had made a contribution of Rs. 50,000 from this year’s budget to Wasantha, the owner of the last house constructed under the Housing Development budget. The original contribution of Rs. 300,000 was made by the RC of North Down. The house has now been completed.

We made contribution for Home-garden Project – Second Stage, to 30 families having gardens. Then we visited the 3 best gardens and the best kept home. The pictures show 2 such homes /gardens.

This family grows 5 varieties of bananas in their garden and has a home industry, rope making. Their house was donated by RC of North Bethesda. Thanks to their continuing support, the family has progressed fast.

The computer centre in the village now has 3 computers, the last one of which was bought out of the contribution RCCW made during our last visit. A gift of one or more computers (second-hand) would be of significant value to the centre.

We are also looking for volunteers to visit Habaraduwa and/or Gemunupura during the final stage of the Village Development Project – 2008-09.

Rtn Basil De Silva

Student Exchange Program

June 25th

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Rotary International, the Rotary Club of North Bethesda announces a Rotary Summer Fellowship for the summer of 2005.
The International Summer School, which lasts for about six weeks, offers a wide choice of courses ranging from topics like Norwegian history and literature to Norwegian society and government and politics.