This week: March 23, 2018 - Nerrillee Pollensch - Story Teller
March 23: Nerrillee Pollensch - Story Teller
March 30: Pete Grayson - The CART Fund, Rotary’s Coins for Alzheimer’s Research

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This Week: Joe Kravitz- NBRC Internship Program

March 16th

Joe Kravitz, NBRotary Board member, and vocational services committee chair, will lead the discussion. Steve Vaccarezza will show the Giant Store Management recruiting video he recorded. We then will talk about work/study careers for college-bound high school graduates with ambitious work ethics. Next, we are going to record the Giant Pharmacist recruiting video. Area hospitals have a work/ study program for high school graduates. They require fulltime employment, commit to a 2-year contract, and get tuition support, which is standard for all work/study programs.

Last Week – Ronna Cook, Treasurer, Montgomery’s Kid

March 9th

Each year more than 1,000 children come into the child welfare system in Montgomery County. They are often victims of physical and/ or sexual abuse as well as neglect; issues which unless addressed, have long-term consequences.

The goal is to enrich the quality of life for Montgomery County’s most vulnerable children by providing them with the “something extra” that is available to children in more stable and secure homes and families. The group is in the process of changing its name to 4 Montgomery’s Kids.

Last week’s presentation was by Ronna Cook, Treasurer of the group, and Susan Gardner, member of the board, who talked about the organization's work and needs. Ronna and Susan left a wish list of items and contributions, which we’ll post on the NB Rotary website and include in the next Bulletin.

Pam Holland, Tech-Moxie, Topic: Technology made easy

March 2nd

Pam is the President of TechMoxie, a tech consulting and support company that helps businesses and individuals with everyday technology, including instruction, troubleshooting, and support. Pam is passionate about making technology accessible and understandable even to the most tech-hesitant. Pam
started TechMoxie after a legal career spanning more than 20 years as an in-house attorney specializing in compliance and risk management.
Pam is an active community volunteer, having served on the board of A Wider Circle, and is a member of metro Bethesda Rotary, the BCC Chamber of Commerce, the Montgomery County Vital Living Network and volunteers with the Montgomery County Muslim Foundation.