This week: June 29, 2018 - - Installation of new Club Officers
June 29: - Installation of new Club Officers
July 6: David Bennett - TBD
July 13: Amy Ginsburg - Friends of White Flint
July 20: - Club Assembly

Upcoming Speaker: July 6 – David Bennett

July 6th

Mr. Benne is currently the principal of Benne Aviation Consulting, specializing in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) policy on federal requirements applicable to airport operators. He retired from the FAA in 2008, after serving as Manager of the Airspace and Air Traffic Law Branch; as Assistant Chief Counsel for Airports and Environmental Law; and as Director, Office of Airport Safety and Standards. He is an attorney and former U.S. Air Force pilot.

Planning has begun…..

June 22nd

The current and new boards met Wednesday morning to plan for the upcoming Rotary year. Projects, fundraisers and ongoing commitments for the board members and club objectives for membership and internal mentoring and “fireside chats” for new members were discussed. More details will be shared at the Club Assembly on July 20. Please add your thoughts about how we can continue to grow and prosper and say “YES” when you are invited to help with our clubs ongoing work and mission.

Incoming Officers 2018-2019
President: Ron Sigelman
President-Elect- Carmela Carr
Vice President- Joseph DiPietro
Secretary- Linda Berg-Cross
Treasurer- Steve Vaccarezza
Club Service- Rob Follit
Community Service- Joseph Kravitz
Vocational Service- John Waterston
International Service- Bob Sonawane
Sergeant-at-Arms: Rotating Monthly, coordinated by Jim Manley

Last Week: Watershed Development and Drinking Water for Tribal People in Bhorghar area , Maharashtra State (India)- Interim Progress Report

June 15th

Dr. Anilkumar Latey has been a member of the Rotary Club of Poona Downtown for last 36 years and he also served as President of RCPD in 1997- 1998. Dr. Latey received his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Zoology from the University of Pune and Bombay, respectively. He served on the faculty as a lecturer and professor of zoology for 40 years at the University of Pune and retired in 2000. He taught several zoology courses to graduate and postgraduate level students and conducted research. He published five books and authored several research articles in zoological sciences and served as a mentor to MS and Ph.D. candidates. He was a visiting professor at the School of Life sciences, University of West Indies, Port of Spain in Trinidad under a Rotary Scholar Grant in 1999. Over the years as a rotary member, he has been involved in spearheading several projects and made several presentations to numerous clubs in India and many countries around the world. His wife ( Meena) is also a devoted member of the Rotary Club of Poona Downtown.