This week: May 31, 2024 - Zoom meeting - Roundtable discussion
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May 31: Zoom meeting - Roundtable discussion

(New location)

Lasse Syversen – How Can We Change the World Leadership?

May 24th

Our very own Lasse Syversen,  CEO of Flagship Trade Net with more than 50 years of experience in International management, board member of currently 10 different organizations and 30 years as a member of Rotary. Lasse will address the need to change the world leadership in private as well as public organizations, relating to the Rotary’s 4-way-test, and examples from Boston University, and Norwegian parliament.

Club Assembly – NBRC

May 17th

We’ll have a focus on our Club Foundation and a proposal to give donations to non-profit organizations that have make presentations at our meetings.

Rob Scheer – Comfort Cases

May 10th

Rob will be following up on his presentation in March and to receive a special donation from Bruce Fowler and the Club Foundation