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Vocational Service

The Rotary Club of North Bethesda places special emphasis on Vocational Service.

The Club associates this service with The Rotary Four-Way Test and with what is distinctive to members of Rotary, that they should be leaders within their respective professions. The essence of vocational service is that members, in their capacities as leaders in business, education, government, engineering, medicine, the law, trade and other fields act in concert, bringing the expertise and experience they have to bear on community needs.

Vocational service rarely or only incidentally involves charitable projects of the kind undertaken by such worthy organizations as Lions, Kiwanis, the Salvation Army, or churches. A Rotary vocational service project mobilizes and pools the professional resources of members in ways that will raise the moral and other standards of their communities.

Vocational service is an attempt to mitigate dissonance, tension, and general social problems in the community in line with the ethos of the Four-Way Test. A good vocational service project matches and draws upon the expertise and synergy available in the particular club.