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Rotary Club of North Bethesda
1974 - 2024

Charter night, April 27th

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 Date: April 27th, 2024
 Venue: Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant, Chevy Chase

 On the evening of April 27th, The Rotary Club of North Bethesda celebrated a remarkable milestone – our 50th anniversary. The charming Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant in Chevy Chase provided the perfect setting for this memorable event, where we commemorated five decades of service, fellowship, and community impact.

The evening was meticulously planned by a dedicated committee led by Victoria Feldman, our incoming President. Victoria and her team worked tirelessly to ensure that the celebration captured the spirit of our club’s rich history and the camaraderie that defines us. The event served as both a tribute to our past achievements and a kick-off for the new Rotary year.

We were honored to have Assistant Governor District Governor Marilyn Nevi  and Assistant District Governor Chinyere Amaefule join us for this special evening. Their presence, along with that of Kent Mason, a charter member who has been an active member of our club since 1974, added a profound sense of significance to the celebration. We were also delighted to welcome both old and existing members, whose shared stories and experiences enriched the event.

Our President, Kevin Flynn, and our Sergeant at Arms Nick Martinez, played the key roles in the evening’s proceedings, ensuring everything ran smoothly and everyone felt welcome. The celebration was a perfect blend of nostalgia and inspiration. Heartfelt speeches, delightful reminiscence and shared visions for the future created an atmosphere of unity and enthusiasm. As we enjoyed a delicious Italian feast, we were entertained by a talented magician, adding a touch of wonder and delight to the evening, proving Dr. V’s Xray vision, and Nick kept his finger.

The presence of our fellow Rotarians and spouses made the evening even more special. Together we celebrated our legacy and renewed our commitment to service and fellowship.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in making this 50th anniversary celebration an unforgettable occasion.