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Mario T. Price – Classification talk

Posted on October 18th

Mario T. Price – Classification talk

New member Dario Price was last week’s breakfast speaker and used the occasion to present his obligatory classification talk.

Born in Texas to parents in very modest circumstances, it was apparent immediately that he was quite gifted intellectually, achieving perfect SAT scores, earning an MBA in Chicgo, a law degree, a brief career on Wall Street, and so on. Rather than being arrogant about his blessings, Mario soon realized it was his obligation to express his gratitude by service to others less fortunate. Having learned early from individuals in Texas that service to others is the basic principal of Rotary, Mario started his affiliation with Clubs –seeking them out in various cities. He found North Bethesda Rotary through a chance encounter with one of our members at Rockville High School, which led to today’s classification talk.

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