This week: August 24, 2018 - - Club Membership Plan Discussion
August 24: - Club Membership Plan Discussion
August 25:     Buy a ticket and donate a backpack to enter. Classic car show, food trucks, ice cream, events for children, etc. Classic car show begins at 11:00 am; ice cream begins at 1:00 pm - 10th Anniversary Park Potomac Ice Cream Social for Charity
August 31: Marilyn Nevy-Cruz - Rotary Education - Interact
September 7: Michael E. O'Hanlon, Senior Fellow - Foreign Policy, Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence Director of Research - Foreign Policy,  The Sydney Stein, Jr. Chair The Brookings Institution is a century-old American research group on Think Tank Row in Washington, D.C - Michael E. O'Hanlon, Brookings Institutue
September 12: - Board Meeting

Last week: Any Ginsburg, Executive Director, Friends of White Flint

July 13th

Any Ginsburg, Executive Director, Friends of White Flint, was our main speaker last week. Amy, who has lived in this area for many years, discussed the many projects and plans along Rockville Pike and the White Flint area. Among here items…

  • Pike and Rose Center is nearly complete, with a few more buildings going up in the next year or so.
  • The old White Flint mall area is still vacant, but the Lord & Taylor store will continue to operate. The site may be part of a development plan for a new Amazon headquarters.
  • Large buildings are planned for the area around the White Flint Metro.
  • For details, visit the group’s blog at


July 12th

The first of several golf lessons took place this week at the Falls Road Golf Course…Club stalwart Dave Fitzwilliam launched the golf lessons as a fundraiser for last spring’s Silent Auction and raised about $1000 in the process. The first batch of students, including Kevin Flynn and Samantha Crosby (below), showed up on a hot Wednesday afternoon the learn from Dave…Great fun was had by all!


Last week: David Bennett

July 6th

David Bennett, currently the principal of Bennett Aviation Consulting, gave an informative view of drones and how they are affecting aviation policy and practice. David, a former U.S. Air Force pilot and FAA attorney, discussed the fast-moving drone industry and how the federal government is struggling to keep up. More than a million drone pilots have registered with FAA, and it is a booming hobby. Drones have also become popular in many industries, such as real estate, utilities, and local government. David also discussed the “No Fly Zone” around the White House, which extends over much of Montgomery County.