This week: June 28, 2019 - - Installation 2019/2020 Club Board of Directors
June 28: - Installation 2019/2020 Club Board of Directors

It’s still About Time!

May 17th

A big thank you to Kent Mason for sharing with us the History of Pocket watches.

A few weeks ago, Kent Mason gave an interesting 3-minute talk about his collection of pocket watches. He started collecting them after getting one as a gift. Our speaker last week confirmed at the last minute, so Kent offered to postpone his presentation until this week. Pocket watches, it seems, are directly connected a famous railroad crash….but there’s more to the story!

Last Week: Guita Irani – Children of Persia

May 16th

We heard from Guita Irani, one of the leaders of Children of Persia, a nonprofit charity based in Montgomery Village devoted to disaster relief and educational programs in Iran. The group works closely with nongovernmental organizations inside and outside of Iran on a variety of projects. In the last 20 years, the group has supported projects in health, education, training, and housing. The group has a challenging mission, especially with the current sanctions on trade and financial services, but it has had considerable success.

Amy Ginsberg – Friends of White Flint Update

May 3rd

We heard from Amy Ginsburg of the Friends of White Flint for updates on their activities and the redevelopment of the White Flint area. Amy discussed a number of current issues in the area:

  • The Pike and Rose development project is continuing to build out the area around Montrose Road and Rockville Pike.
  • Several projects are on hold pending funding. The delays have had an impact on community projects such as parks, bike lanes, and other improvements.
  • Legal disputes at White Flint Mall have been resolved, but the long-term prospects for the site are unknown.
  • School renovations and expansions are also in a state of flux, with plans for a new high school dependent on moving other schools.