This week: December 8, 2023 - NBRC - Annual Meeting

December 8: NBRC - Annual Meeting
December 9: Christmas Party - The Marriott
December 15: TBA - TBA
December 22: TBA - TBA
December 29: TBA - TBA

Claes Ryhn – The Failure of American Conservatism—And the Road Not Taken

December 1st

An impressive burst of creativity gave rise to a vigorous conservative intellectual movement in the United States after the Second World War. Yet, according to Club Member Claes Ryn, author of a new book on the subject, the great potential of the movement was not realized because of major flaws. The movement became preoccupied with politics to the neglect of academia, history, philosophy, religion, morality, the arts, and entertainment. In the 1980s when Ronald Reagan won major political victories the movement celebrated “the triumph” of conservatism, but this reaction confirmed a superficial understanding of what most fundamentally shapes society.  Mixing new and previously published writing, Claes’ book bristles with provocative ideas. It sets forth its own strongly argued view of how to understand and address the situation.

NBRC – Club Assembly

November 17th

Barbara Blaylock – Information you can Trust about Funerals

November 10th

Barbara Blaylock is a retired primary care physician who has been on the board of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Maryland and Environs (FCAME) since 2008 and President since 2010. She got interested in after-death care as an extension of end-of-life care, as it always involves the family as well as the patient. She is passionate about patient – and family-centered health care. FCAME is a non-profit organization of local residents who volunteer their time to help their neighbors in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Delaware plan after-death care that is dignified, meaningful, and affordable. The group is the local affiliate of the Funeral Consumers Alliance, the only national organization that advocates for consumer rights with regard to funerals.