This week: August 21, 2020 - Dianne Stephens - National Gallery of Art, Current status

North Bethesda Rotary

Covid Challenge

The COVID CHALLENGE is a virtual exercise event during the month of September 2020. It’s designed to encourage people to exercise and, at the same time, help raise funds for several outstanding charities working in our community. You’re invited to register online, set your goals, and record your progress along with friends and families without participating in a large gathering. You can record your steps, share your bike tours, and record your runs as part of the challenge. We’ll be supporting you all the way with updates, stories, and friendly competition.

August 21: Dianne Stephens - National Gallery of Art, Current status

Paul Arveson – Strategic Planning

October 18th

Paul Arveson will continue his planning sessions this week.

Here’s an outline of what he will cover.

Last week we did an analysis of our stakeholders–who are they, where are the boundaries of our club, and what do our stakeholders need from us. The club was divided into four groups to come up with a list of current stakeholders and possibilities.

This week we’ll be working on “Improvement Objectives”:

  • How can we leverage what we are good at?
  • How can we fll our gaps?
  • What opportunities can we exploit?
  • What threats must we deal with?

Paul will also cover guidance on writing objectives, including putting them on stickers, moving them to a flip chart, and creating a map that we can use. It should be fun!

Carmela – Rotary Websites

October 11th

Carmela guided us through several Rotary websites and how to access them. Here are the highlights:

This is the international Rotary website, which has enormous amounts of information on Rotary’s international programs. One section of the site is called “MyRotary” and allows members to check their membership status. Existing members can access by using their email address to register and create a profile. Our club has a dashboard with basic information about the club.

This is the website for the district. Includes the District Governor’s newsletter, regional events, and other news.

This is a membership database used by the District. You can access this by using your membership number printed on the Rotary Magazine label. The system connects with Rotary International’s membership system and has additional features for club management.

This is our club website, managed by Lasse Syversen’s company, Flagship. The site has sections on the club membership, services, a photo gallery of our events, and an archive of our newsletters

Google Site

Our newest web feature is a shared Google site for board documents, and other information. Access is through

Four Decades of C-SPAN

October 4th

Rachel Katz, our speaker last week, described the 40th anniversary of C-SPAN, the public affairs cable television channel founded in 1979 to televise Congressional hearings. Rachel, who brought her husband and son, gave an interesting presentation, focusing on C-SPAN’s recent project to profile American Presidents by visiting presidential libraries, birthplaces, and burial locations.

Details are at the CSPAN website,