Four Decades of C-SPAN

October 4th

Rachel Katz, our speaker last week, described the 40th anniversary of C-SPAN, the public affairs cable television channel founded in 1979 to televise Congressional hearings. Rachel, who brought her husband and son, gave an interesting presentation, focusing on C-SPAN’s recent project to profile American Presidents by visiting presidential libraries, birthplaces, and burial locations.

Details are at the CSPAN website, https://www.c-span.org/thePresidents/

Jay Miller – Looking up: Washington Astronomers

September 20th

Last week we heard from Jay Miller, a longtime member of the National Capital Astronomers, who gave an entertaining talk on our universe and various theories about its history.

Serving Science and society since 1937, the National Capital Astronomers (NCA) is a non-profit, membership-supported, volunteer-run, public service corporation dedicated to advancing space technology, astronomy, and related sciences through information, participation, and inspiration, via research, lectures and presentations, publications, expeditions, tours, public interpretation, and education. NCA is the astronomy affiliate of the Washington Academy of Sciences.

The National Capital Astronomers offers a popular program for exploring the sky in Rock Creek Park on a Saturday night from April through November. The event is free and welcomes beginners and experienced stargazers. For more information, visit www.capitalastronomers.org.

Paul Arveson – Rotary’s Action Plan

September 13th

Paul Arveson, who has done strategic planning for government agencies, corporations, and nonprofit groups, continued with his exercise in strategic planning. He has incorporated many features of Rotary International’s new “Action Plan,” a strategic effort to revitalize clubs worldwide, in a plan for our club. The plan, focused on Rotary members as “People of Action,” includes four major priorities. They’re shown in red below and in Paul’s house diagram.

  1. Impact: People of Action are effective problem-solvers.
  2. Reach: People of Action activate and inspire one another.
  3. Engagement: People of Action strive to understand the needs of others.
  4. Adapt: People of Action are inventive, entrepreneurial, and resilient