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Victoria Feldman – Classification Talk

Posted on December 3rd

Victoria Feldman has been an active club member since 2000, when fellow architect Jay Davies sponsored her membership in our club. Victoria is an architect; she has the Architectural Diploma (1972) and PhD in Architectural Theory (1982) from Moscow, Russia. She received an Architectural practice and academic rank in the Academy of  Architecture in the city of Ekaterinsburg (Ural region of Russia), where she worked for 23 years. In 1995 she emigrated to Maryland. After a short adaptation period she joined her professional field. Victoria was involved in Church
projects, Office buildings, gas stations, and others. She presented her project/idea for the Pentagon Memorial competition. She currently works mainly on residential projects in the U.S. and abroad. Samples of her work can be viewed on facebook/ From 1999-2006 she worked for “Architects at Work” in Bethesda. From 1998 to the present Victoria also serves as a licensed Foreign Language Docent at the National Gallery of Art of Washington, DC. For a few years she volunteered in architectural classes at Thomas Edison High School of Technology.

Victoria loves her family, her friends, likes to travel, draw, read and cook

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