This week: July 19, 2024 - Stephen Vaccarezza - Classification Talk

Today’s Three Minute Talk Forum

Posted on July 6th

Program Director Lasse Syversen is today introducing our first program devoted to nothing but three (or perhaps four) minute talks. It is our understanding that anyone can volunteer to talk, and that 20 to 30 minutes will be devoted to talks, with another 10 minutes or so for Q and A. Lasse feels certain that we have many members who will like the idea of being able to get up and talk about whatever might come to their mind.

For fun, here are brief thoughts shared by three members in 2005. Today we look forward to hearing from everyone and finding out what’s new!

Richard Bray’s 3-minute talk last year was about Lyme Disease, and last week he revisited the subject by listing many of the symptoms that all of us should be aware of. Many times, the symptoms mimic other maladies. Some may be flu-like symptoms— chills and fever, loss of weight, lack of energy, sore throat and fatigue.

A portion of Joe Bunker’s talk last week was motivated by recent talks given by Tom Barry (on oysters) and Glenn Blong (on pigs). Joe’s subject? Clams. Joe recalled that in his native New England, he dug for clams with his feet, not knowing whether he would come up with cherrystones, quahogs, sea clams, or a cut foot.

Last week, club president Lasse Syversen (St. Patrick’s Day necktie and all) reflected upon his thirty years of work in Information Technology, plus his forecast for the future. “The next ten years,” Lasse said “will probably see more advances than we saw in the last thirty years.”

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