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Pam Holland, Tech-Moxie, Topic: Technology made easy

Posted on April 6th

Pam Holland, Tech-Moxie, Topic: Technology made easy

Pam is the President of TechMoxie, a tech consulting and support a company that helps businesses and individuals with everyday technology, including
instruction, troubleshooting, and support. Pam is passionate about making technology accessible and understandable even to the most tech-hesitant. Pam
started TechMoxie after a legal career spanning more than 20 years as an in-house attorney specializing in compliance and risk management.

Pam is an active community volunteer, having served on the board of A Wider Circle, and is a member of metro Bethesda Rotary, the BCC Chamber of Commerce, the Montgomery County Vital Living Network and volunteers with the Montgomery County Muslim Foundation.

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