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Lieutenant Rueben Rosario and Detective Amanda Coffey – Part II

Posted on April 20th

Lieutenant Rueben Rosario is a Howard Law School graduate and a thirteenyear veteran of the Montgomery County Police Department. He formerly worked as a Detective in the Drug Interdiction Unit and a Sergeant in the Rockville Detective Bureau and Special Assignment Team. He currently serves as Lieutenant in the Field Services Bureau, which oversees Traffic, Special Operation, Animal Services, Office of Public Information Divisions. Lt. Rosario frequently speaks at community engagement events regarding safety, race relations and crime. Lt. Rosario strives to build relationships in every part of our community by providing the highest quality police service possible and serving everyone who lives, works and visits Montgomery County.

Detective Amanda Coffey is a seven-year veteran of the Montgomery County Police Department. She studied Criminal Justice at Mount St. Mary’s University and was a patrol officer in the 4th District. Det. Coffey is currently assigned to the Centralized Auto The 4th Section. In addition to her current position, she is also active with Project Lifesaver, a program designed to protect and quickly locate individuals with cognitive disorders who are prone to the lifethreatening behavior of wandering. Det. Coffey strives to increase citizen participation in crime prevention and community engagement programs.

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