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James Johnston – General McCausland, Civil War History

Posted on July 10th

James Johnston – General McCausland, Civil War History

Last week, From his book on Southern Brig Gen John McCaustand, Jim Johnson talked about Lt Gen Jubal Early’s Shenandoah Valley raid into MD and on to DC in July 1864. Gen Lee pulled Early’s 15,000 infantry and McCaustand’s 1,000 cavalry out of Richmond to put pressure on Washington.

The Rebs raided Harper’s Ferry, threatened to burn Hagerstown and Frederick for $20k and $200k ransom on their way to Rockville. Union Gen Lew Wallace’s 5,000 infantry fought a delaying action just long enough for Gen grant to get troops up from Petersburg to defend DC. Early’s infantry came down GA Ave and were stopped at Fort Stevens in Siver Spring while McCaustand’s cavalry made it to Tenleytown with very little resistance. ( McCaustand claimed he could captured DC with more troops).

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