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Dr. Tousimis – The Events of the 20th Century

Posted on September 9th

Tas was born in Feb 1930 in Agra-Edessa (20 miles west of the Alexander the great birthplace). He attended the Edessa Gymnassium, University of Thessalonke Medical School, The University of Pittsburgh, and George Washington University (PhD – Bio Physics). Kamal Ataturk killed 1.5 M in Asia Minor program of purification and was an admirer of Hitler in 1938. The Germans used chemical warfare in WW1. Tear Gas was developed in 1914, Chlorine in 1915 and Mustard Gas in 1917. The Germans surprised the Brits in 1917with mustard gas projectiles which blinded troupes gas masks were available. WW2 deaths were more than 100M.

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