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Denise Mainville – A New Approach to “Doing Development”: Leveraging the Private Sector to Achieve Food Security and Alleviate Poverty, with Examples from Africa

Posted on April 30th

Denise Mainville

Denise is an Agricultural economist dedicated to poverty alleviation, food security, and economic and agricultural development. Her expertise is in agri-food market systems
development, value-chain analysis, gender, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, organizational development, relief-to-development, incentive-based development approaches, and behavior change. She has sector-specific experience in staple and high-value markets including grains and legumes, fresh produce, spices, cacao, and seed with professional experience in Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East, Central and South Asia. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, with rudimentary French, Swahili, Bangla and Juba Arabic.

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