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Club Assembly

Posted on December 19th

President Elect, Ron Sigelman, announced his proposed new board.  Bruce Fowler (DRTOX) will be the incoming President Elect.  Carla Satinsky announced that the Charter Night Party will be at her house on Saturday, April 11.  Gary Lett talked about the NB Rotary Charitable Foundation.  In 2014 we raised $10K and spent $16k, which obviously is unsustainable.  We either have to raise more or spend less.  Barry Thompson advised that the Club needs to transfer funds more often to the Foundation and carry a smaller balance in the Club checking account.  The  Club President should be limited to $300 per year for expense commitments that he can commit on his own without getting the Club Board and Foundation approval in advanced.  Dave Fitzwilliam past out his new generic North Bethesda Rotary Club business card and suggested interested members should pool their Rotary business card order and have Ron Sigelman shop the card orders for the best deal.

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