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Andy Baum (PDG) – The grant process

Posted on October 23rd

Andy Baum (PDG) – The grant process

Last Week Former District Governor Andy Baum spoke on the requirements and the process for obtaining project grants from RI or the District. Fundable projects may be local, domestic or international and may involve several clubs. To become eligible for District funds a club should ordinarily have donated $50.00 per capita.

Projects are favored that promise sustainability and success, that have strong leadership and have access to the relevant expertise.

RI maintains a “terms and conditions” statement to be consul-ted by clubs requesting support. Clubs applying for funds from the District or RI should go to, which contains all the information needed to apply. The tab “explore grants” is of particular interest. Applications to RI must be re-viewed and seconded by the District. The District favors direct, active involvement by a club or clubs rather than mere financial assistance.

“Global grants,” which normally exceed $30,000, support projects in which clubs abroad are active partners. It is crucial that all participating clubs be “certified” by RI, that is, be in good standing. In our club, Barry Thompson is well-informed on the application requirements.

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