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Samantha Follit – The New Care Paradigm: The Changing Landscape of Healthcare Delivery

Posted on December 6th

Last week’s breakfast speaker was Samantha (“Sam”) Follit, daughter of Past President Rob Follit and a 2011 graduate of Vanderbilt University. She works for the Advisory Board Company in D.C.

Sam’s area is with hospitals where Big Medicine must be introduced to combine quality control, cost control and innovation in order to provide affordable health care for delivery to millions. In reinventing health care we are essentially “moving from a Jeffersonian idea of small guilds and independent craftsmen in Hamiltonian recognition of the advantages that size and centralized control can bring. “For the changes to live up to our hopes— lower cost and better care for everyone —liberals will have to accept the growth of Big Medicine, and conservatives the growth of strong public oversight.” Patients just wont look for the best specialist anymore, they’ll look for the best system. Nurses and doctors will have to get used to delivering care in which their own convenience counts for less and the patient’s experience county for more.”

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