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Major Robert J. Rappoport – Emergency Preparedness

Posted on September 6th

Major Robert J. Rappoport – Emergency Preparedness

Major Robert J. Rappoport of the Rockville police department was last week’s speaker, and gave an enlightening talk on Emergency Preparedness.

The Washington area, according to Rappoport, “is a potential target for manmade terrorist attacks, plus natural disasters due to hurricanes, tornados, floods, blizzards, and extreme temperatures.”

Citizens should prepare and maintain a “to go” kit that can be grabbed quickly and contains supplies that will last for 3 days (water, food, clothing, bedding, flashlights, medications, etc.). They should also create a family communication plan, the location of the water shut off valve in their home, learn the emergency evacuation details at schools and workplaces, alternate routes away from home or area, and be prepared to be able to stay in homes for at least three days.

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