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Retired Admiral Hector Soldi – International Maritime Law

Posted on January 10th

Retired Admiral Hector Soldi – International Maritime Law

Last week’s breakfast speaker was Peruvian Admiral Hector Soldi, Gonzo Accame’s brother in law, who was in our area over the recent holidays. He spoke within the context of his career as a Naval officer. on his life experiences working in the Pacific Ocean, the Amazon basin and the Antarctic Continent.

Among other experiences, Admiral Soldi traveled as an oceanographer with Jacques Cousteau on the Amazon 1982 expedition. He did research on El Nino with the international scientific community trying to understand and ultimately forecast this phenomenon and then a brief history of the Antarctic Continent. Lastly, he told us about the importance of the Pacific Ocean and the activities he is still involved with in this region as Secretary General of the Permanent Commission for the South Pacific.

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