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Reggie Mark-Hansen – Classification Talk

Posted on June 12th

Reggie Mark-Hansen – Classification Talk

Reggie Mark-Hansen has a recessed red-head gene from his Great-Great-Grandfather Hansen from Scandinavia and is from the Republic of Ghana (West Africa between Ivory Coast and Togo).

Ghana was under British control from 1874 to 1957 and became a Constitutional Republic in 1961. Ghana is non-aligned with English as an official language, and a free market economy that is growing at 7%. Reggie’s father was a band leader and mother a tough-love hostess. Reggie graduated from college in ’89 and has worked in HR (human resources) Management for oil companies in Ghana and the US.

He plans to start his own HR firm and says the object is to make the employees the best they can be. The Rotary Four way Test is the best business code. He has been married for 17 years.

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