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President Gerald Lett – “One Company’s Response to Sequestration.”

Posted on March 14th

President Gerald Lett – “One Company’s Response to Sequestration.”

Last week’s breakfast speaker was club president Gary Lett who returned to the club after an extended absence. Gary used the occ a s i o n t o t a l k a b ou t “sequestration” of Federal Government funds, and indicated that a reduction as high as 20% has been suggested for Federal Defense- which affects not only government employees but many corporations contributing to the country’s National Defense. One such corporation is Gary’s employer—Northrup Grumman—who develop innovative solutions and remarkable technologies in aerospace and defense. Gary added idly “will I still have a job?”

Gary went on to say that “the scope of Northrup Grumman operations (as well as those of other corporations) is broad enough to adjust to this : changing of gear.” It will be individual employees and small companies who will truly suffer from a significant Defense budget and other cuts.

“We are in a cyber war with the Chinese,” Gary observed, after which there was quite a discussion about Northrup Grumman;s expertise and activities in the Cyber Space Field.

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