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Nicholas L. Strocchia – “Air and Silver” – COMBAT camera experience

Posted on September 20th

Nicholas L. Strocchia – “Air and Silver” – COMBAT camera experience

Captain Nick Strocchia is a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve, assigned to the 4th Combat Camera Squadron which is scheduled to deploy to Camp Lemmonnier in Djibouti, a small country in northeast Africa, where he will be the Officer in Charge of a team of twelve combat camera operators who will supply directed imagery support to the command. The mission is to support operations in Combined Joint Operating Area to enhance partner national capacity, promote regional stability, dissuade conflict and protect U.S. and Coalition interests.

Nick explained that the mission in Africa has both a humanitarian aspect, as well as a national defense perspective. He noted that wars cannot be fought with strictly kinetic weapons. He stressed that engaging the local populace and educating them through a “hearts and minds” campaign is necessary to ensure regional stability. Combat Camera is a key enabler to this aspect of warfare, which bears far fewer casualties than an occupation strategy.

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