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NB Rotary Scholarship Awardees – Lexus Soumahoro & Darryl Jonathan Terry

Posted on June 10th

In late May, Club Members Linda Berg-Cross and Kevin Flynn interviewed two candidates for scholarship funds as approved by the Club Board through the Rotary Charitable Foundation of North Bethesda.  Both applications were approved by the Scholarship Committee and passed on to the Club and Foundation Boards, which gave their approvals in late May. We’re happy to announce that both candidates have accepted the scholarships and are planning to join us at our June 10 meeting.

Lexus Soumahoro

Lexus is is graduating from Montgomery College this spring and will continue her studies at UMBC at Shady Grove. She aspires to a career in the foreign service and is trilingual (Spanish, French and English).  She is alone in the U.S. without family and has been self-supporting since high school. She is currently working two jobs as well as taking courses.

 Darryl Jonathan Terry

Daryl is requesting money to continue his studies at UMBC Shady Grove campus.  He works at a veterinary clinic in Clarksburg and attends the University of Maryland.  The number of college courses he signs up for are determined by his work hours so he remains debt free. He lives with his mother and grandmother.

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