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Nancy Pulley – Classification Talk

Posted on May 22nd

Nancy Pulley – Classification Talk

Nancy Pulley gave her classification talk. She grew up in Michigan in the 50’s when it was safe for a 9 year old to ride a street car to see a Detroit ball game with her brother. She became a school teacher (math) and a computer systems engineer, had children, and later came to MD.

Nancy currently sells real estate and she told us her secrets to selling. First classify your customer: 1-DRIVER-talk net; 2- ANALITICAL-can’t make their mind; 3- AMIABLEreliable & non-confrontational; and 4- EXPRESSIVE- animated. The key to selling: THINK HAPPY; 1- meditation; 2- random acts of kindness; 3- a dream book of past exceptional experiences.

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