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Michael Youngblut – Sixteen Years of Medical Mission for Children

Posted on September 3rd

Michael Youngblut arrived in Washington, DC in 1981 to work for NGO startup to coordinate best practices among the many NGOs providing healthcare
and public health services around the World. The National Council for
International Health (NCIH)served as a clearinghouse of information collected from its members and an international forum where practitioners, policy makers, local stakeholders and other would come together to share lessons learned. NCIH (now known as the Global Health Council) got its start through the urging and support from The Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization. A graduate from the University of Illinois, Mr. Youngblut focused on health policy and health planning & economics. He was one of the collaborators of the first and second health plans for the State of Illinois.

For 20 years Mr. Youngblut served as a co-leader of one of the largest not-forprofit organizations in Washington, DC with more than one-hundred local operations spread across the U.S. In 2003, he started a financial services practice and continues in that role today.

Mike is the current President of PCCHF – Paul Chester Children’s Hope Foundation. Mike has been watching the foundation grow in the last 16 years, and now brings a wealth of knowledge and personal attachment to PCCHF.

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