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Lena G. Caesar – Making Communication a Human Right

Posted on December 15th

Lena G. Caesar – Making Communication a Human Right

Lena G. Caesar, PhD, EdD, CCC-SLP
Associate Professor
Dept. of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Loyola University Maryland

Making Communication a Human Right: The Work of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists in the United States & Abroad

Summary: This presentation will describe the role that SpeechLanguage Pathologists and Audiologists play (both nationally and internationally), in improving the lives of individuals with communication disorders. An overview of (a) the types of populations served and (b) the types of disorders treated will be provided–as well as ‘real-life’ examples of individuals for whom the ‘right’ to communicate has been restored. Special emphasis will be placed on the need for services in economically-disadvantaged countries with little or no access to services.

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