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Lasse Syversen – Open Meeting – New Club Roster

Posted on September 27th

Lasse Syversen – Open Meeting – New Club Roster

As advertised, a good bit of time was spent last week by Lasse Syversen on a description of the club’s new membership roster. During his presentation, it turned out that only a few club members present used our web site, all of which prompted Lasse to express his opinion as to whether or not we should be offering this membership benefit. It is your bulletin editor’s opinion that more members will use the web site now that it contains our membership roster.

President Gary Lett expressed his concern about the club’s recent decline in attendance at club meetings. For the most part, this has been due to the fact that a number of members (including club directors and officers) are not attending our Friday meetings or making up at other clubs due to work conflicts. Assistant District Governor Greg Wimms  was on hand and spoke about membership, noting that we would be getting help from- George Nash.


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