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Kathy Randall – Collections, Pictures, Doilies – Oh My!

Posted on October 11th

Kathy Randall – Collections, Pictures, Doilies – Oh My!

Speaker Kathryn Randall last week described her work as a Professional Organizer with the specialty of working with seniors who are beginning “rightsizing” and “decluttering” for functional and safety reasons. “Afterwards, do a full house inventory and send it to one’s children.” Kathryn’s mantra is “Always be Cleaning.” She focused particularly on the disposition of “collections. Her view is that very few collections have increased in value-children rarely want them– so keep no more than 10% of your accumulation. Lightening the load of all possessions takes time. Don’t rush – but do not wait for a crisis when you may not be able to participate in decisions. Everyone should make a list of important documents, using a suggested form that was distributed to the membership.

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