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Dr. Claes Ryn – “the life of an author”

Posted on February 14th

Dr. Claes Ryn – “the life of an author”

Claes Ryn was our breakfast speaker last week and used the opportunity to speak about his new novel, A Desperate Man which is already out as an ebook at Amazon and will soon be available also as a traditional hardcover book. The novel is a suspenseful political and psychological thriller as well as a serious literary work. It paints a picture of the state of America that some might find disturbing. The milieus are Washington, D.C., Paris, and Charleston, S.C. and Claes suggested that a good novel with real characters can tell you more about life, leave a more permanent mark than many factually bases biographies or history books. Claes speculated that this suspenseful story might convey some important things better to the educated general public than his more philosophical works. He pointed out that writing is more taxing work and that if there is interest in the club, he would be willing to sign copies of A Desperate Man at a future club meeting.

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