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President Gerald Lett – Club Assembly

Posted on August 9th

President Gerald Lett – Club Assembly

Last week’s club meeting featured the first club assembly of the new Rotary year, with reports by President Gary Lett, Vice President Joe DiPietro, Treasurer Steve Vaccarezza, and Directors Claes Ryn and Jim Manley. Unfortunately, about one half of the club’s officers and directors were absent.

President Gary reported that…..

1. the club’s roster book will not be renewed this year, and that its contents would be reproduced in the club’s web site. Lasse Syversen (our web manager) confirmed the plans;

2. All club members will be part of a committee to secure breakfast speakers;

3. Rob Follit will again be in charge of membership;

4. Gonzo Accame will head up our publicity committee.

There were reports from two directors—Claes Ryn on Vocational plans, and Jim Manley, International (no activity).

Treasurer Steve Vaccarezza presented a brief financial report which, in essence, assured the membership that its financial situation is in good shape, in addition to which the club has been able to transfer $5,000 to it foundation, with the possibility of another $2 to $5,000 (who needs a fund raiser!).

The final report was by Vice President Joe DiPietro and was perhaps the most important report of the morning as it treated the ongoing problem of raising funds. Last year’s results were most disappointing , and Joe spoke to the importance of setting goals, involving outsiders (non- Rotarians), better planning for the traditional bike ride events, and the importance of club members


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