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Christine Syversen – Classification Talk

Posted on July 9th

Christine Syversen is our Club’s first Virtual Member. Located in Oslo, Norway, she is no stranger to North Bethesda Rotarians: her company, Flagship Trade Net, has for years taken on the task of designing, building and maintaining the club’s website.
Today, Christine is in the process of taking over the family company, following in the footsteps of her father, longtime NB Rotary Club member Lasse Syversen.
Christine is a marketing person to the core. From an early age, she been active on the World Wide Web. She started her first company in 1998, an e-commerce shopping mall. Key words like SEO, e-commerce, customer service, digital marketing, web development, social media, marketing strategy, sales, quality assurance are part of her everyday life and work. (Editor: FYI, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a measure of how effectively web pages are displayed in search results.)
On February 1st 2021, Christine took on the position of Vice President for Ritmarine Ltd, owner of Flagship Trade Net

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