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Chef Tony Marciante – Our Restaurant Success Story

Posted on June 2nd

Chef Tony Marciante
Chef/Co-Owner: Chef Tony’s @ Amalfi
Chef Tony’s Italian Kitchen (open at the Promenade Building)
Co-Owner HEMI pizza – Detroit Style Pizza & more

Tony Marciante was born in Milan, Italy to American parents, eventually settling in Bethesda, Maryland in 1973. The multi-cultural surroundings spawned a Chef with ties to many countries around the world. Dinners at home included Italian food, Indian, Seafood and more… but always the family was close and communicative. Breaking bread daily was crucial to the family dynamic.

Tony got into the restaurant business after a vision just after high school and loved the energy, challenges and connectedness of a people & food business. Serving his clients has taken him on many adventures to open 4 different restaurants in his career so far. Relying on his multi-cultural background, Tony’s career has taken him to several states, opening restaurants and leading people to learning more about food every day.

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