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Cathy Higgins – Food Insecurity in Montgomery County

Posted on February 10th

Food insecurity is defined as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. Parts of Bethesda suffered food insecurity at rates up to 16 percent. Since March 2020, this number has increased by more than 35 percent. In 2021, North Bethesda Rotary joined the Nourishing Bethesda coalition to assist with a food delivery program.  Since then, the program has evolved into an appointment-based food distribution system involving more than 300 families in Montgomery County.

Cathy Higgins began volunteering with Nourishing Bethesda in 2021. She currently serves as Nourishing Bethesda’s Volunteer Coordinator, while also working on community partnerships and communications. She retired in 2021 as a Federal Senior Executive with 36 years of service working on national security issues. Cathy and her husband Jim have lived in North Bethesda for over 30 years and have two adult children.

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