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Bruce A. Fowler, M.D. – Fish Tails from the Big Blue Marble

Posted on January 24th

Bruce A. Fowler, M.D. – Fish Tails from the Big Blue Marble

Bruce Fowler’s program last week drew on his early career as a marine biologist, and his life-long interest in photography and scuba diving. He showed underwater photographs that he and his son took in areas around the earth including Sharm el Sheikh-Egypt, Miyako Island in the Ryuku island group—East China Sea, Truk Atoll-Micronesia, Hawaii and Grand Cayman island and Nassau, and the Bahamas in the Caribbean Sea.

The photographs were spectacular, especially the pictures of marine life— nocturnal moray eels with their sense of smell, lion fish, blue spotted fish,rays with their 500 volts of electricity, butterfly fish, Angel fish, Star fish, and on and on.


Bruce observed that “We are living on a space ship that is mostly covered with water and upon which we are ultimately dependent. It is my hope that all will enjoy the underwater photographic art as we circle the globe in 30 minutes.”

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