This week: August 26, 2016 - Lasse Syversen - Border Security - Update
August 26: Lasse Syversen - Border Security - Update
September 2: David Fitzwilliam - US Monetary & Economic Policies Since 1900
September 9: Fred Graham - Researching the Caesars
September 16: TBA - TBA

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This Week: Lasse V Syversen – Border Security, Update

August 26th

Today, our own past president and President of Flagship Trade Net, Inc., Lasse V. Syversen, will make a few reflections on border control and all the risk of terror attacks in our country. He will focus this morning on the “invisible borders”, the use of Internet to influence individuals. Mr Syversen has more than 45 years of experience in the Shipping and ITC industry. His company Flagship is a partner with Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, filing cargo inventory control and release notification for sea, air, and rail carriers. His background include 10 years with General Electric as Country Manager of Norway and Marketing Manager in London for International Trade, responsible for Europe and The Far East. He left GE to become Managing Director of Honeywell Bull, Norway and later General Manager Northern Europe for Public Sector. He has his education from Oslo Business School, Norway, in Business Administration, INSEAD, France in Change Management, and Sea Trade Academy, UK in Container Transportation. Mr Syversen is born in Norway and is an experienced traveler reflecting on security challenge facing Europe and the United States.

Last Week: Bob Fangmeyer – MCPS Automotive Trades Foundation (ATF)

August 24th

Bob Fangmeyer said that for students that don’t get trade certifications or career internships before completing high school, community college, or 4 year college, there is little chance of getting a good first job. The ATF program is a half day class for high school juniors and seniors offered in 4 technical schools (Thomas Edison, Damascus, Gaithersburg,and Senaca Valley). It is a used car dealership that reconditions cars for public sale. Students must decide on the ATF option in the 8th and 9th grades. Students may enter the automotive field after HS graduation or choose to take advantage of articulation agreements with MC or Community college of Baltimore County Catonsville, both with automotive degrees. There is a dealership internship/MC study program (4/1 days per week).

President Bruce Fowler – Club Assembly

August 17th

Bruce talked about his objectives and programs for 2016/2017. He charged everybody to invite a new potential member, and encouraged looking for women and diversity potential members. The new attendance rules are relaxed and members can attend as little as once a month. Bruce talked about out reach projects with other Rotary Clubs. The fundraising projects that he discussed were the Chocolate Festival next March and Rotary Cook Books. Project participants will team up in pares. Application for District grants are due March 17, 2017. Bruce opened the floor for comments the last ten minutes. The Montgomery College commitment is for 2 semesters at a total cost of $6,000.