This week: September 30, 2016 - Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS - Dirty Mouth
September 30: Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS - Dirty Mouth
October 7: Jay Corbalis - rePIKEalization: The Pike & Rose Development
October 14: Bruce Fowler - Club Assembly
October 21: Michael Sastre - Artist Presentation
October 28: Bob Sonanane - Classification Talk

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This week: Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS, Dirty Mouth

September 30th

• Fact – Dental disease is the most prevalent disease on out planet.
• Fact – Dental disease is the #1 chronic disease in both adults and children.
• Fact – Dental disease is a significant risk fact for the top 5 deadliest diseases.
• Fact – 7 acids can destroy your teeth, gums and mouth in 7 minutes.
• Fact – The damage can be reversed in 7 seconds.

Dr. Joe Kravitz holds a great secret. You made it a point to be healthier. An overall balanced state of health begins with your mouth. But, why do people still get cavities? Why after many treatments for periodontal disease, does it still recur often? Why do fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges and dentures fail? Why do dental implants fail?

For decades, we have been told to just brush and floss. Visit your dentist every 6 months. That’s it? Lets face it. If this approach worked, then dental disease wouldn’t be the #1 disease in the world. If this approach worked, then you also wouldn’t be stuck in a cycle or repeat dental procedures. We need something that works effectively and consistently.

Dr. Kravitz will share with you the secret to DirtyMouth and it will change your life forever!

Dr. Joe Kravitz is a prosthodontist, dentist who has the unique ability to surgically place and prosthetically restore dental implants. What that means to you is that you do not need to go to several dentists to fix your problem. Dr. Joe can provide you with a custom-made tooth that looks like it is a part of you!

As an observer of nature and results, Dr. Joe has developed and written about his simple implant techniques in the scientific literature. He has authored “3 Minute Implant” which describes the process for you, as well as a book about preventing dental disease called “Dirty Mouth.” Dr. Joe Kravitz has been praised for his revolutionary procedures by media outlets such ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, Primetime Live,Washington Post, Miami Herald, USA Today, & Washingtonian.

Dr. Joe teaches dental students and dentists at the University of Maryland Dental School, NYU College of Dentistry, and the National Naval Medical Center. His credentials include a Doctorate of Dental Surgery and a Specialty Certificate in Prosthodontics from the University of Maryland Dental School, a Master of Science in Oral Biology from the University of Maryland Graduate School, and a Fellowship in Implant Dentistry from NYU College of Dentistry.

Kathy A. Johnson, Director, United States Diplomacy Center

September 23rd

The United States Diplomacy Center (USDC) is a future museum and education center at the U.S. Department of State, dedicated to showcasing the history, practices, and challenges of U.S. diplomacy. The museum will be located at the 21st Street entrance of the Harry S Truman building in Washington, D.C., where the Department of State is headquartered. The State Department’s Bureau of Public Affairs is in charge of the museum’s development, exhibits, artifact collection, education programs, and outreach. Kathy A. Johnson is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service with the rank of Minister Counselor Ms. Johnson serves as the Director of the Department’s United States Diplomacy Center, the first museum and education center in the United States devoted to telling the story of American diplomacy. Appointed to the USDC by the Assistant Secretary for Administration, Ms. Johnson’s most recent assignment was in Canberra, Australia. Other
assignments include Consular Officer in Monterrey, Mexico; Two tours in Europe (Warsaw Poland and Vienna, Austria); a Corporate Fellowship with the Exxon Chad Pipeline Project(Houston , TX); and Deputy Executive Directorships of the Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor and the Bureau of Oceans, Environment and Scientific Affairs. Her distinguished career includes many awards and honors, including a 2010 Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Meritorious Civilian Service Award, the 2010 Secretary of Defense Joint Meritorious Unit Award, and a Meritorious Honor Award with cash- U. S. Embassy Damascus, Syria. Ms. Johnson received her B. A. and her degree in History from the Aurora College in Aurora, IL and earned her Master’s in Business Administration, Executive MBA at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX in 2003. She is a graduate of the Air War College,Maxwell Air Force Base, AL, with a master’s degree in National Security Strategy, class of 2007.

Shane Rock, CEO, Interfaith Works

September 21st

Interfaith Works, founded in 1972, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency and a non-sectarian interfaith coalition of more than 165 affiliated congregations of diverse faiths, working together to meet the needs of the poor and homeless in Montgomery County, Md.
Their trained, professional staff members work with individuals and families in crisis to empower them with the tools and skills they need to lift themselves from poverty.
Shane Rock became CEO of Interfaith Works in June 2014 following an extensive career in the nonprofit, social service and advocacy worlds. After graduating from law school, he became executive director of Good Neighbor Mission, a homeless shelter in rural Tennessee helping people living in extreme poverty. In the two decades that have followed, Shane’s career has encompassed a range of social justice concerns while remaining focused on helping people who lack economic opportunity. Most recently, Shane was director of operations for senior services for the Jewish Social Services Agency in Rockville. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in government and philosophy from Oberlin College and a J.D. from Vanderbilt University Law School. Before moving to Montgomery County in 2012, Shane was a member of the Rotary Club of Ballard in Seattle, Washington.