This week: February 24, 2017 - Tim Mooney and M.K. Phillips - The Ronald McDonald House
February 24: Tim Mooney and M.K. Phillips - The Ronald McDonald House

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This Week: The Moscow Metro Is Like a Gorgeous Russian History Museum – Mark Byrnes

February 17th

The stations, built as a testament to Stalinism, offer marble walls, high ceilings, stained glass, mosaics and chandeliers. The Moscow metro is one of the most extensive and heavily traveled subway systems in the world, transporting about 9 million people around the city each day. But it also serves as a sort of museum of Russian history. Opened in 1935, the marble walls, high ceilings, stained glass, mosaics and chandeliers were a testament to the values of Joseph Stalin and his Communist party. Ironically enough, while the stations were built and designed with Soviet labor, the main engineering work was done by British workers. Stalin ordered the arrest of many British engineers on the project for espionage, because they had gained so much inside knowledge about the city’s subway system. The engineers were eventually deported and whatever business climate existed between the two countries was effectively killed. The system is currently under expansion, and is expected to grow an additional 90 miles by 2020. That would make it the third largest d world, behind Beijing and Shanghai.

Club Assembly

February 10th

For Discussion at Today’s Club Assembly A Message from President Bruce

Membership: The NBR has a stable and slowly growing membership at around 40 members. The goal for this fiscal year is to add 5 more members. All current members are encouraged to invite guests and prospective members.

Finances: The club is on a stable financial footing but we need to encourage members to keep their dues accounts up to date. It is “not fair to all concerned” for some to shoulder the financial obligations of others.

The Foundation: The Club Foundation is on a solid footing and can meet its outstanding commitments through 6/30/17. We need new fundraising activities and contributions from members to build our resources.

Grants: Rotary District and International grant applications are due in March please suggest projects and be ready to participate!

Other Stuff: Other issues and new Business will be taken up as time permits.

Michael Correal Community Support Services, Inc.

February 3rd

Michael Correal is a Job Developer at Community Support Services (CSS). CSS, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is a non-profit organization that provides community based services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our organization has four major sectors. These sectors are camp, school, residential and vocational. Michael work sin the vocational department, which means he specialize in providing part time work (volunteer and paid) for our individuals.

He has been at CSS for a little over a year and a half now. He started out working in direct care (working one on one with our individuals). In November, He was appointed as the new Job Developer.  Michael has been working with special education for 11 years. Before CSS, Michael worked for an organization called CSAAC and after school program call Bar-t, which would integrate children with developmental disabilities into the program. He majored in business at Montgomery College. His work at CSS allows him to combine his business knowledge with background in special education.

Community Support Services, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization which provides services and support to children with autism and other developmental disabilities residing within Montgomery County, Maryland.

CSS was founded in 1994 and began its mission by working collaboratively with individuals, families, and other lead agencies to design and implement new models of service

They have developed effective working relationships with state and local government agencies; other human services providers; experienced, licensed consultants & clinicians; private businesses and entities; and consumers, in order to pursue its mission.

We provide residential support services, an adult day program, supported employment services, after-school programs for children, educational services through the Marcia D. Smith School, and support services for adults in their own homes, parents’ homes, and the community. CSS currently provides services to more than 200 individuals each year across all programs.