Last Week: Karen Duffy – Every Mind

June 9th

Karen Duffy is Division Director, Youth and Family Services, at Every Mind, Inc., a nonprofit organization in Rockville. The organization recognizes that investing in our children and youth now, will mean a more vibrant, productive workforce and community moving forward. Prevention and early intervention services help us to identify and address the needs of at-risk children and their families and then provide more intensive case management and counseling when needed. Every Mind realizes that mental health issues are not bound by economics or ethnicity and that’s why our services are in place for everyone– “Because every mind needs support, attention, and care.”

Laurie Savage: The Dairy Industry

June 2nd

Laurie Savage and her family own and operate Savage-Acres Farm outside of Dickerson, MD. Along with her husband, Kevin, and his brother, they milk 100 cows twice a day, every day. On a 1,000 rented and owned acreage in the county’s Agricultural Preserve, they raise corn, hay, soybeans and small grains. The farm has been operational and in the family for over 75 years. Laurie gave an engaging presentation on the life of a dairy farmer and the challenges involved. Her farm delivers milk to a variety of suppliers, including Giant Food here in Montgomery County. Their farm is one of only four dairy operations in the county.

John Waterston – four days in paradise

June 2nd

John Waterston gave a photo presentation of the “four days in gave a photo presentation of the “four days in paradise” that he and his wife spent on Lake Como in April.  The lake itself is beautiful, surrounded by high peaks, and the towns around the lake are built into the steep hillsides.  They visited several towns on the ferries that ply the length of Lake Como every half hour.  The hotel was an eight-minute boat ride from the main town of Como, which is about an hour north of Milan.  They had beautiful views up the lake from our hotel room balcony.  Bellagio is probably the best-known town on the lake.  Its narrow, steep streets are lined with pastel painted shops selling Italian silks and leather bags and small wine bars and coffee houses.  They feasted on prosciutto and fresh mozzarella – a local specialty.