Joe Kravitz: Advancements in Dentistry

April 13th

Joe Kravitz, one of our newer members, gave an interesting talk about his life, his views on dentistry, and many other things.  He is a native of Pittston, Pennsvylanvia,and attended the University of Maryland Dental School.  In addition, he has a M.S. in Oral Biology from the University of Maryland and a Fellowship in Implant Dentistry from NYU College of Dentistry. As an observer of nature and results, Dr. Joe has developed and written about his simple implant techniques in the scientific literature. He has authored “3 Minute Implant” which describes the process for you, as well as a book about preventing dental disease called “Dirty Mouth.”

Dave Fitzwilliam- Proposed Rotary Project

March 31st

Internships for Montgomery County Public Schools

The Changing Face of Human Resources – John Waterston

March 30th

John Waterston, a former Human Resources executive at the World Bank, and our newest member, talked about the the transformation of the Human Resources profession, from mainly administrative tasks to more strategic responsibilities. John mentioned how artificial intelligence and data management have automated many staffing and recruitment efforts. But he also mentioned the growing importance of Human Resources professionals at corporations, nonprofit organizaitons, and government, and how they help define the “corporate culture.” John cited recent developments at one large tech firm—Uber—and how the corporate culture had created a number of serious issues at the company. John will be a great addition to our club—Dave Fitzwilliam already has signed him up as an advisor on his internship project.