This week: May 26, 2017 - John Waterston - Italy Impressions
May 26: John Waterston - Italy Impressions

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Xan Fry on Getting Organized

April 27th

Last Week’s Speaker, Xan Fry, got Samantha Crosby involved in sorting socks to test her planning and organizational abilities. Samantha did a great job and should be an inspiration to all of us who need to get organized (hint: think functionally!). Xan had lots of other ideas on storage, relocation, and  generally how to get rid of stuff.  One suggestion: start small, in a corner or shelf, clean it off, and congratulate yourself.  Then move on to larger projects

Henry Coppola on Rock Creek and Montgomery Parks

April 20th

Last Week’s Speaker, Henry Coppola of Montgomery Parks, mentioned new exercise equipment in Rock Creek Park. Here’s one of the stops for “Stabilizing & Balance” located near Kensington Parkway. If you’re in the neighborhood, why not get out there and try a couple of “Plank With Same-Side Knee Tucks!”

Joe Kravitz: Advancements in Dentistry

April 13th

Joe Kravitz, one of our newer members, gave an interesting talk about his life, his views on dentistry, and many other things.  He is a native of Pittston, Pennsvylanvia,and attended the University of Maryland Dental School.  In addition, he has a M.S. in Oral Biology from the University of Maryland and a Fellowship in Implant Dentistry from NYU College of Dentistry. As an observer of nature and results, Dr. Joe has developed and written about his simple implant techniques in the scientific literature. He has authored “3 Minute Implant” which describes the process for you, as well as a book about preventing dental disease called “Dirty Mouth.”