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11/10 Salah A. Soliman, Professor of Pes????cide Chemistry &Toxicology, Alexandria University Topic: Alexandria at Risk

Posted on November 10th

Dr. Salah A. Soliman is a professor of Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology with Alexandria University, Egypt since 1985. He was graduated from the Department of Pesticide Chemistry of that University in 1967 where he was appointed as demonstrator until he received his PhD in 1975, then as a Lecturer (1975) and Associate Professor (1980). He joined the Environmental Toxicology Division of the Health Effects Research Laboratory (HERL) of the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in the Research Triangle Park (RTP, NC) as a Visiting Scientist from 1979 till the end of 1982. He continued his research on evaluating “the effect of occupational exposure to pesticides” in a cooperative study between Alexandria University in Alexandria and the USEPA in North Carolina from 1983 to 1987. Since 2007, and along with colleagues from the US Department of Agriculture and the African Union, Dr. Soliman is actively trying to establish Global Harmonization of Pesticide Maximum Residues and Global and Continental Harmonization of Pesticide Registration based on all gained initiatives in this regard.
Dr. Soliman supervised many MSc and PhD students who obtained degrees in Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology. He teaches courses and supervises research in Alexandria University. He published more than 70 papers and several books and chapters in these fields. Dr. Soliman is a-more-than-thirty-years active member of the society of Toxicology (SOT) and a member of many other national and international scientific groups and he is recognized as the National Expert of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Egypt and for many national and international organizations.
Dr. Soliman received the First Class Medallion for Science and Arts from the President of Egypt in 1981.

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