This week: February 23, 2024 - NBRC - Zoom Breakfast Meeting

February 23: NBRC - Zoom Breakfast Meeting
March 1: Robert Milam - The White House Historical Association

(New location)

Ron Bialek – Public Health Foundation

February 16th

Ron is President and CEO of the Public Health Foundation (PHF).  Under his leadership, PHF has focused its efforts on developing and implementing innovative strategies for improving performance of public health agencies and systems. Initiatives include developing performance management and quality improvement tools and training for public health professionals; developing the consensus set of Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals; and creating the Nation’s most comprehensive public health learning management system. Ron last spoke to our club in November 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alex Green – Harriet Tubman Tours

February 9th

Mr. Green is the founder of Harriet Tubman Tours in Cambridge, MD, will join us via Zoom for a virtual tour of the Eastern Shore’s legendary Harriet Tubman. As a passionate advocate for preserving and sharing African American history, Alex has dedicated his career to bringing the stories of Harriet Tubman and the black watermen of the Chesapeake Bay to life.

We’re also hoping to have Marilyn Cruz, Assistant Governor of District 7620, chat with us about membership development and the Red Line Rotary series of happy hours.

Claes Ryn – The Four Way Test and What it Asks of Us!

February 2nd

Claes will discuss the history, meaning, and purpose of the test and how it sets priorities for clubs and individual members. It regards character–understood in an ecumenical manner–as central to the mission of Rotary. The test helps define the meaning of “vocational service.”