This week: July 19, 2024 - Stephen Vaccarezza - Classification Talk
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Anna Stokes – Aging well in an era of extended lifespans and a growing elder population.

Anna Stokes, whose journey from nursing to healthcare management has focused on patient advocacy and community health is currently serving as the Executive Director of Washington Metro Oasis which applies a comprehensive approach to active aging, offering seniors more than just classes – we provide pathways to enrichment, for anyone over 50 eager to continue learning and growing together.

For the past 24 years, Anna has been an integral part of Suburban Hospital, now affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine, where her contributions during the pandemic were requested to establish the hospital’s first Covid Testing Garage site to orchestrating staff and community vaccine clinics.

Bruce Davis – Maryland’s Climate Legislation

Giving us an update on Maryland’s efforts to reduce the effects of climate change, including recent legislation and plans. Bruce has made presentations to our club several times on electrification, climate change, and environmental issues. With record high temperatures looming this week, the topic is very timely.

Chris Madoo – Bethesda Marriott

Chris has been GM of the Bethesda Marriott since September 2022, about the time we started meeting at his hotel.  Before that, he was manager of the Renaissance Hotel in Baltimore’s inner harbor. He has more than 35 years of experience working for Marriott, specializing in strategic planning and goal accomplishment. 

Steve Boden – Montgomery County Student Trades Foundation

Steve’s presentation should provide helpful insights and generate an interesting discussion on steps our club can take to support vocations.  Steve has made several presentations to our club over the past few years, and was instrumental in our recent awards for outstanding students in the automotive and information technology programs of Montgomery County.

Lasse Syversen – How Can We Change the World Leadership?

Our very own Lasse Syversen,  CEO of Flagship Trade Net with more than 50 years of experience in International management, board member of currently 10 different organizations and 30 years as a member of Rotary. Lasse will address the need to change the world leadership in private as well as public organizations, relating to the Rotary’s 4-way-test, and examples from Boston University, and Norwegian parliament.

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